Ani Choying Drolma’s story is simply Amazing

Ani Choying Drolma’s story is simply Amazing 👇

When she was young, her father used to beat her mother almost to death. 

The Dad was very angry so sometimes he would go on this unspeakable beating.  The young girl would cry but the mother could not save her.  The girl decided at that time that she would never get married. At around the age of ten, she went to her mother and told her to send her to a Buddhist monastery – she will be a nun!  If you are a nun, you don’t have to get married anymore!

Varsha Patil Ani-Choying-Drolma-2Three years later, her impoverished mother actually left her at the Nagy Cave in Kathmandu.  The girl was surprised when she went to the monastery.  No one here beats her, no one tells her to carry her two baby brothers on her back, no one tells her to do all the housework.  Everyone here loves her.  The girl’s life changed. With her head down, Gerua become a nun at the age of thirteen and regained her lost adolescence.

In 1993, when the girl was 22 years old, US record producer Steve Tibet came to study meditation at Nagy Gumfa.  One evening there, from a distance, Steve heard the girl singing prayer music.  He was enchanted by that music.  Who is this singer?  In this voice God exists!  He went to the girl’s guru and said that he wanted to record her song.  The girl was surprised.  She sings every day, no one has ever talked about recording.  This may be the madness of a gentleman.  She sang two songs out of curiosity and the funny thing is, Steve Tibet was so fascinated to hear that song face to face that he forgot to press the “record” button on the recorder!  The girl had to sing again, this time it was properly recorded.  Steve Tibet captured the two songs on cassette.

With the guitar superimposed later in the background the two songs sung without any accompaniment, Steve continued to send the songs of that unknown girl to his well-known music personalities.  The celebrated musicians of the western world knelt down to her throat – this girl’s song was so touching and her voice seemed to float towards an unknown spiritual world.  And Steve offered this girl to record an album.  The girl also agreed with the guru’s consent.  Joe Boyd, who worked with Pink Floyd, came to Kathmandu to record his album.

A new rockstar was born – the world’s first Buddhist rock sensation, * “The Singing Nun” *, Oni Choying Drumma!

The first album pt!  Then came the call from America.  Drolma performed live in 22 cities in a row.  The nun, who hails from the village of Oz Para in Kathmandu, never dreamt that so many people would flock to America to hear the Tibetan mantra “Om Moni Padme Hum” from her throat.  In her own words, she did not find a single Nepali, Tibetan, Chinese or Japanese in the crowd!  But her first America tour changed her life.

The girl, who had never been out of Kathmandu, saw that girls in the West were educated, self-reliant and not dependent on men.  Upon her return to Kathmandu, she bought a computer, opened a bank account and, with the money from the tour and records, established the * “Nun’s Welfare Foundation” * and a girls’ boarding school.  In that school she started teaching computer, math, science along with religious teaching.  She also learned English herself.  She started reading classic literature.  With the money earned from the sale of records, she started sending Nepali girls to colleges and universities – and started public welfare work.

In the words of this fluent English speaking nun * “If my mother had education and earning power that day, she would not have had to fall down and be beaten *.  The Western world has already renamed her “A Mother Teresa in Making” for her philanthropic work!

Oni Choing Drolma is fighting while singing.  She has released 14 albums and all of them are hits.  Her Tibetan verses recorded while sitting in a cave where the Tibetan great Guru Padmasambhava lived had such a response all over the world that 20,000 people came from far and wide to listen to her program in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet – some walking hundreds of miles!  India is not far behind.  A.R.  Rehman is a huge fan of hers.  Mr. Rehman also recorded with her at Coke Studio.  At just 36 years old, her autobiography, “Singing for Freedom,” has been translated into 15 languages ​​and is a best-selling book alonside the Dalai Lama’s biography.  Many say that at the moment in the Western world, this Buddhist nun is more popular than the Dalai Lama!

Keep singing Oni Choying Drolma.  You feel the utterance of your mantra as a self-meditation.  In that mantra, she sows peace in millions of troubled minds around the world.


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